School project


Scholl project


Ux design


2 weeks

The brief

the assignment every student has to come up with design suggestions for a new website for a new start-up restaurant chain Beyond, which will open restaurants in three different cities in Sweden (Malmo, Gothenburg and Umea.)

The challenge

A design challenge is to determine whether the interface looks the same for all restaurants or if it is in any way different. The idea is that the food should be an exciting experience and not just a quick way to eat a meal. Each restaurant has therefore got its own theme, thinking that the food you offer has a clear connection to the theme in both taste and presentation.

1. Beyond space - The theme is future and science fiction. For example, food experiences such as "Teleportad Struts with starstorm and Marsalaregn" are offered. The restaurant is located in Umeå.

2. Beyond Camp - The theme is jungle safari with a mix of old and new. Imagine Indiana Jones with new technology at its disposal. The food you eat could be served in a canoe and eaten with your fingers. The restaurant is located in Gothenburg.

3. Beyond borders - Themes are dark alleys, spies that exchange secret information, go on the elegant cocktail party and run for life. Choose a quiet soup with ginger crystal glass or perhaps a rustic meal in simple hook environment. The restaurant is located in Malmö.

The client wants the site to work regardless of which device the visitor uses. There should be clear information about the different restaurants and their themes with menu and pricing. One wish is that in the web design reflect the different themes that each restaurant has. Images (photos and / or graphics) should be an important part of the concept.

the process

Brainstorming different ideas, sketching some of them, testing some of these sketches by performing user test,then I started with creating wireframes and prototyping.

Check out the Mobile Invision Prototype!

Check out the Web Invision Prototype!